The success story of this amazing dog.

Presented issues of Tracca:

Will only allow you to touch her on her terms

and approach you when she feels safe to do so.

Will not wear a lead to be able to walk her.

Hello Tracca.

How are you feeling today?

I am feeling OK.

How old are you?

I feel like I am 6.

I got informed that you do not like a lead, is that correct?

Yes that’s right

Why is that?

Because I was tied up before. I don’t like being attached to something.

Do you understand that if you do not have a lead, they can not take you for a walk?

I don’t really know what a walk is!

At this point of the session I explain to a dog what a walk is, what it is like to be outside, with a person or other dogs and people, relaxed, and what all beautiful and interesting and exciting things and all he could see and feel and smell and taste and experience, if she let the volunteers put a leash on him.

How does that sound to you?

That sound lovely!

Would it make you happy to go for a walk?


There are a lot of really nice people who want to walk with you,

but they need to put a lead around your neck. Is that OK?

Yes, but they can do it slow, so I can get used to it.

Being tied up before, where was that? I was tied up inside in a dark place.

How old where you?


How long where you tied up?

Quite a long while, it feels like month and month.

It was a dark place.

Who came and fed you in that dark place?

A man.

What language do you speak?


Do a body scan:

I feel a slight tightness in my chest now.

Maybe from the illness I have now.

And a pain in the eye.

What eye?

The left eye

Is it related?


For the rest of me, I feel good!

At this point Quantum Animal Hypnosis is used to first ask Tracca to name the emotions, resulting from the trauma.

Not knowing when I will be fed!

Cold Cold Cold


Mistrust of humans of man and others


I dont know affections from humans!

At this point Quantum Animal Hypnosis is used to release Tracca from her ever present negative emotions of not knowing, being scared of darkness, never to have someone to communicate or interact, feeling lonelyness and misstrust.

How different do you feel now?

I feel like I am here to overcome my troubles, you know.

I feel like I had these troubles and that I am going to move forward.

How does that feel?

Yes, nice.

Will your heart be better?

Can they take the medication off?


It will go away and be normal?


So they can then take away the medicine?


And how is the thing in the eye?


The heart needs a little more time, or?

Maybe a little bit more time, but I know it is going to be better.

To know that all is good and they can take away the medicine, how do you want to indicate that?

I won’t cough any more.

So, stop coughing will be the indication that the heart is good and the medication can be taken away?


What do you wish for yourself?

Time in front of a fire,

curled up on a couch with other friends.

Are friends humans or animals?


How about cats?


No cats?

Why is that?

Tell me all about it, what is there with cats?

They are small and fury.

And how does small and fury make you feel?

I have to chase them.

How does it make you feel to chase them?

Its fun.

What can they do to make your kennel more comfortable?

I actually like it now, I just moved, to a new area, I have more outside space, the sun shines a lot.

Just leave my kennel door open more so I can be outside as much as I want.

What does make you happy?


And my friends, Angel and Pirata and just breathing the lovely fresh air, just being outside.

What food do you like the most?

I like my food, I like the sausages in the morning.

There is just one thing.

We always have the same biscuits from meat,


Is that OK or boring?

I like to try different things.

As it is an animal shelter and they can only do so much, the message for change will be passed on.

What do want to say? Do you have a message?

Thank you!

Question toward one of his carer, that participated:

How did you perceive Tracca?

I think that she had a troubled beginning.

But I think things are going to change for her now.

Making a dog happy!

Tracca is now in her own Forever Home, at a very sunny place.

The session was conducted through Maja Brexel  –

Copyright 2018