This is the amazing story of Pirata, a dog from an Animal Shelter.

Presented issues of Pirata:

Frightened of being trapped and is always looking for an escape route.

Will still not let you close enough to put on a lead.

Hello Pirata.

How are you feeling today?



Just nervous of new things and people.

I got informed that you are frightened of being trapped, is that correct?


Would you tell me where it comes from?

Being locked up.

How old are you now?


When you were locked up, how old where you?

Most of when I was young,

until I was 3 or 4.

Where you locked up all the time?

Yes, I was let out sometimes,

but rarely and

it was a very small place.

Who locked you up in that small space?

A family

Who fed you?

A small girl.

Did that family teach you something?

What did you learn from that?

To be nervous in small spaces.

What are you scared of?

Of people, generally, because I am worried they

are going to trap me.

I got informed, that you do not like other people to touch you?

There is 1 person

where I don’t mind touching me.

Who is that?

Its one man, Gaylon.

I have his trust, or he has my trust.

You dont like to get put a lead around your neck? In order to take you for a walk

they need to put a lead around your neck.

How scared I feel and nervous of situations.

I want to trust others.

Do you know what is a walk?

No, not really.

At this point of the session I explain to a dog what a walk is, what its like to be outside, with a person or other dogs and people, relaxed, and what all beautiful and interesting and exciting things and all he could see and feel and smell and taste and experience, if he let the volunteers put a leash on him.

Do you want to go for a walk?


At this point Quantum Animal Hypnosis is used to release Pirata from his ever present negative emotions of feeling nervous and being scared.

As Quantum Animal Hypnosis takes, so it gifts.

At this piont of the sessions, Pirata himself could make the choice to fill himself with what ever he wanted to have for himself.

Pirata filled himself with

playtime, wagging his tail and cuddling some humans.

Do a body scan:

I am healthy,


But I am healthy.

Would you like the humans to comb it?


Go slowly now at first, I need get used to it.

What do you wish for yourself?

I see a beach, and I can feel the sand in my toes

and in my paws.

And I want to run along the beach.

What can they do to make your kennel more


I want a few more toys.

What toys are your favourite?


Any colour?

Blue and white

What can they do to make you feel better?

I would have said

to keep my kennel door more open, BUT NOW IT DOESN’T FEEL SO BAD!

And I am going to go and eat my breakfast inside the Kennel when one of the volunteers puts the food down

and I am going to go into the kennel at the same time.

How do you like the food.

Yes, I like chicken.

What do you wish for?

I wish for some more changes in scenery, for the beach, for walks, maybe a family or a humas I can learn to trust.

With a family so, children OK for you.


Other dogs?


How about cats? Would they be safe?


What do want to say? Do you have a message?

I feel relieved,

I feel lighter, you know.

I am looking forward to how it will be.



Question toward one of his carer, that participated:

How did you perceive Pirata?

He had a deep voice.

He is quite a playful kinda dog as a character. He wants to please, but he just hasn’t really known to trusted enough.

You felt the changes?


You should find Pirata now being in her kennel while the volunteer puts down the food!

Out of the Shelter and into his place.

Pirata has been adopted and has now his own Forever Home!

The session was conducted through Maja Brexel  – www.TheRealDrDolittle.com

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