This is the beautifull success story of Angel.

A dog from an Animal Rescue.

Presented issues of Angel:

He is frightened of anything new and prefers to stay in.

Angel is frightened by almost everything,

loud noises, the wind, cars, strangers.

He will only walk out with one or two people he knows well.

Hello Angel


How are you today?

I am OK.

I got told that you are frightened of everything new and that you like to stay in with your pals, is that correct?

Yes, yes, everything is just,

I dont know other things outside.

And they make me nervous.

Since when is that?

As long as I can remember.

That is a long time.


I am now just a nervous dog.

Do you remember where that comes from? How old does it feel when it started?

When I was a teenager, 1 or 2.

Do you know what started it?


Just this loud noise, not knowing what it is,

just the feeling of being scared.

And there are always fireworks, they are to many fireworks.

I just feel nervous you know. Tension.

How does it feel to be scared?

How does it feel to be nervous?

How does it feel to be tensed?

It does not feel good.

Are you willing to give that up?


At this point Quantum Animal Hypnosis is used to release Angel’s ever present negative emotions, which he named, the emotions of feeling  tensed, being nervous and being scared by almost everything, loud noises, the wind, cars, strangers.

What does it take,

for others that you walk with them?

I think as long as they are calm around me and gentle with me then

I would trust them to go with them.

Be calm and gentle. And be encouraging!

What will be the best way to start?

I think I like to begin with

2 or 3 different people that start taking me for walks and introduce me to being, you know, outside and having all these new experiences.

It might just be nice to have, you know,

2 or 3 the same people each week to get me used to it a bit more each time and then I say,

I would walk with everyone.

What does make you happy?

Food. Just food.

What’s your favourite food?

I want rice.

What do you wish for?

I wish for my own place.

I see myself a lovely garden, I see a kennel outside but I can go inside if I want to as well.

But I see myself laying in the sun

in my lovely garden.

What’s the perfect human situation for you?

A couple.

How about children?

Yes, that’s OK, I don’t mind children.

How about cats?

I don’t mind cats, I think they are OK.

What do you see for yourself?

I see my self running on the beach,

with Pirata.

The boys about and about.

What do you need more?

I think I need more, you know,

love, but I like love from a family,

you know, from people I know I have that love the whole time.

What do want to say?

Do you have a message?

Thank you!

Question toward one of his carer, that participated:

How did you perceive Angel?

He is actually a lot calmer than he looks.

I think he going to be fine now.

He is nice guy.

Out of the shelter, into his happiness!

Angel now has got his own Forever Home!

The session was conducted through Maja Brexel  –

Copyright 2018