A fantastic session with Alfred (Burt)

Alfred is a very beautiful male dog in the fantastic Dog Shelter Akira in Benissa/Spain.

He came as a puppy and has never since left the shelter. He is registered in the shelter at Burt, and that is actually not his name, he names himself Alfred. He lives all these years together with his sister Mancha.

Alfred never left the shelter and has never been on a walk.

Alfred – Hello my name’s Alfred.

Maja – Yes, yes, Alfred.

A – Yeah.

M – So not Burt?

A – Everybody calls me that, but I prefer Alfred.

M – Alfred, how are your today?

A – I’m alright.

M – Do you remember me?

A – Yeah, I do.

M – As a good or bad remembrance?

A – Well, I tried to bite you. I was a bit frightened.

M – You are aren’t you? Why?

A – Because we’ve been through so much, my sister and I. Horrible people that we’ve known. Not in the shelter, in the cage. But before.

M – Sorry for, that. Can I say, I would like to excuse myself for the human people who were horrible to you. Is that okay?

A – Okay.

M – I’m really really sorry that these humans hurt you.

A – I know that’s my soul journey, I know. But, its not nice when it happens to you.

M – What feeling was it again, what you have from that experience?

A – Well I’m just angry.

M – You’re angry?

A – Because I couldn’t do anything. I’m the man and I couldn’t do anything.

M – Is there any more negative feeling you have?

A – No, just anger

M – Is that anger a nice feeling or not a nice feeling?

A – Well, its a not nice feeling, but it keeps me going.

M – What about you could give it up.

A – What would I put in its place?

M – What would you like to have in its place?

A – I don’t know, I’ve only ever known anger.

M – So when we take the anger away, we should replace it with something nice right?

A – Okay.

M – We could put some excitement in, you could be excited. I have this idea, I’m going to put a leash on you, we go on for a walk, your sister and us. Just imagine we go for a walk, you know how the other dogs tell you about the walk when they come back, right?

A – Yes

M – What do they tell you?

A – They’ve had a good time, and they’ve smelt things and they’ve had a good walk round the woods, and the paths.

M – It is actually like that, and you feel different things underneath your paws, you smell different things, you see different things, you can run, you can pee there and here, its really like that, its really as beautiful, as the other dogs say.

A – Ah okay.

M – So we could replace it a bit, like excitement for walks. Its just a suggestion. Its just one we can have more, lets see what else. Wiggling the tail more?

A – Alright then, I’ll waggle my tail.

M – Waggle your tail kinda like happy dog. Do you know how to feel happy?

A – Not really.

M – Are there moments, beautiful, nice moments with you right now, until now? What are the nice moments you have?

A – Just being left alone with my sister, and we just curl.

M – So you love the time with your sister? You guys stay together. That’s for sure.

A – Yeah, we support each other.

M – I know, I know. So you have this thing around your neck, is it tight? (Anti Flea Neckless)

A – No, its okay

M – Okay, so what will happen, I would put something else around your neck, okay, and then I can put a leash on you, and then we can go for a walk. Not for a long walk, just a short nip out, so that you get to know how it is. Okay? So you can get used to it, we just got down and up the road, nothing more.

A – Okay

M – You’re very safe with me.

A – Okay

M – Mancha already agreed to that. (His is sister, read her story here

A – Did she?

M – Yes.

A – Okay

M – I took away this bad feeling, Mancha also had a bad feeling, and I took it away.

A – Yeah, she was frightened, I was angry, because she was hurt.

M – Yes, I took the frightened feeling away.

A – Okay

M – Away from her because I can do that. If I say, would you like to get rid of this angry feeling, how about? You have this angry feeling with your for so many years, I think three years already right?

A – I don’t know the time, but yeah a long time.

M – A long time right? How about, just a suggestion, how about we take away that angry feeling because you’ve had it for so long. And then we replace it with happy feeling, an excitement feeling, the wiggling of the tail more, the looking forward more to going out for a walk. How about that?

A – Okay

M – Yeah?

A – Yeah

1st Healing takes place

M – Okay, how different do you feel now?

A – Mm, that was tough getting that out.

M – Was it? Your a strong boy, well done. How do you feel, how different do you feel now?

A – So-So

M – So-So? Okay

2n Healing takes place

M – Okay, so how different do you feel now?

A – I don’t feel so angry.

M – You don’t feel so angry?

A – No

M – Is there a little anger left?

A – I don’t know, it might have gone. No, there’s no anger left.

M – Can I do a bit of healing?

A – Yes, please.

M – Okay I’m going to do some healing now, and when the healing is finished, you let me know. How does the healing feel?

General Healing takes place

A – Mm that’s good. That’s it, filled me up.

M – How different do you feel now?

A – Relaxed, warm.

M – Can I ask you to fill yourself up now, but with excitement that I’m coming tomorrow, as you go for a walk, it’s your very first walk, you can pee here and sniff there.

A – Oh yeah, looking forward to it.

M – Okay. So is there anything else stopping us from going for a walk?

A – No

M – Are you sure?

A – Yes.

M – So I would like to touch you, I would have to touch you.

A – Okay, slowly.

M – Would you like that I am approaching you, or like your sister, do I sit and wait for you to come, or can I come, to approach you?

A – No Sit and wait.

M – Sit and wait. Will do. I don’t carry any biscuits tomorrow.

A – Aw, that’s a shame.

M – You have to came for me, not for the biscuits.

A – Okay.

M – I need you to want to come to me, for that. Where can I touch you? I’m going to touch you.

A – On my shoulders.

M – Is there a place where you do not want to be touched?

A – On my head

M – Why not the head?

A – I don’t like it, I can’t see, I can’t react if it needs to be, just my shoulders.

M – How would the other people in the shelter now found out you have changed?

A – Well, if they come near us, we’ll be calmer.

M – Is there anything you want to say to the people in the shelter?

A – I know they are trying their best, but we’re still hurt, and that memory takes a while to go.

M – What’s a while?

A – I don’t know in Earth time.

M – What other time do you have?

A – Oh I’ve got many years.

M – How many?

A – Six, Seven.

M – So I imagine you would live without the bad feeling for the next six years, for a change. So now you gave it up, you can go on and live with a nice feeling, an excitement feeling.

A – Yes I can.

M – Do you do that?

A – Yeah that would be good, I don’t feel angry now.

M – That is good. So even now the people tonight, they would feel a difference?

A – Yeah

M – Is there anything else I can do for you, except telling you are Alfred and not Burt. Shall I tell them?

A – Yeah that would be nice.

M – So I cant call you Mr. Burt either?

A – No, my name is Alfred.

M – Yes, so I have to call you Alfred, or Al. I like to make things short, but its with love. Okay Alfred, do you think I can let you go now?

A – Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow.

M – Bye

The day after this session I went to visit Alfred and he was so much quieter and calmer then before. He did not bark at me. He was laying in a very short distance, relaxed, with his eyes closed.

A big THANK YOU to the wonderful Team of workers at the Akira Dog Shelter.

And to all the Volunteers.

For all the amazing work you do!

This session was executed by Maja Brexel (www.TheRealDrDolittle).com


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