The Foundation


MBIFA -The MBrex International Foundation for Animals –

helps Animal Rescue around the world

with their most traumatized animals.

MBIFA – Emotional &Trauma Healing!

You own, you work, you volunteer or are connected to an animal shelter, refuge, sanctuary

for Pets, Livestock or Wildlife Animals.

There is an animal who shows disturbing behaviours which makes it

dangerous, difficult to care, non releasable or non adoptable.

You know an animal which shows alarming behaviour like

great fear.

Aggression towards itself

or others.

The animal shows signs of servere depression,

or sadness.

Is the animal lethargic?

Or completely shut out?

You rescue animals.

and safe their lifes.

The animal was caged, maltreated, tortured, neglected…

The animal is so serverly traumatized,

that you cannot come near the animal,

you cannot touch the animal,

also making medical treatment a constant issue or

medical attention only possible by sedating the animal.

You need special meassures to be able to keep the animal?

MBIFA takes care.

1x every month the MBI Foundation for animals takes over the costs of

2 Quantum Animal Healing Hypnosis Sessions.

They will be given to one Institution for 3 animals

and MBIFA provides a surrogate too if needed.

Through the intervention of MBIFA

the animal will be healed from their trauma,

you will get all information about the history of the animal,

wishes and needs of the animal and also

medical information reg. medication, surgeries, injuries or pain.

The animals are not physically present during the sessions.

You or a representative take the decision to come in person,

you need to speak either English or German

in a good conversational manner in order to take part in this Hypnosis Sessions

or a surrogate will take your place.


So neither you  have to be present at the sessions.

Making Animal Healing possible.


Any institution working with animals can contact


MBrex International

Foundation for Animals and

apply for a place.

Healing the animal,

changing the animal,

allowing human love and affection,

easy medical attention.

Giving quality of life to the animal.

giving it a chance of

joining the herd.

Making new friends.

Saving species.

Realease the animals back to the wild.

Or making this animal adoptable to

find a




The animals are not present during the sessions.

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